Bed and Bath products by Mistral Bath & Body


Mistral French Soaps, Lotions and Fragrances.


An Apartment in Paris offers a selection of Body and Bath products from Mistral for women and men.


Classic French Soap: Mistral Soaps are crafted according to a time-honored French soap tradition. Made with a special mélange of natural and organic ingredients and original perfumes from Grasse, France, these quadruple milled bar soaps are super dense, long-lasting, luxurious, gentle and exquisitely fragrant.


Body Cream: Mistral ultra-nourishing body cream covers your skin in a light, silky texture, leaving it immediately moisturized, satiny, soft and delicately fragranced.


Hand Lotion: Mistral’s exclusive “soft-touch” hand lotion utilizes active organic plant ingredients to treat dry hands in a light non-greasy emulsion.


Fragrance: Bewitching and harmonious, Mistral Eau de Parfum captures our most beloved scents in their purest form. Highly coveted botanicals, exotic woods, precious flowers, and essences of ripe fruits compose the many notes of these fine fragrances.


What makes Mistral so special? This is what they have to say:

“The true test of any personal care product is its power to transform you. At Mistral, we take our name from a wind which brings change and transformation throughout the region of Provence. Every product we create honors the very spirit of the legendary Mistral wind and informs our core philosophy of change. When you apply one of our nourishing body care products, bathe with our exquisite soaps, or inhale one of our signature fragrances, your skin will soften and beautify, your mood will brighten, and your spirit will be soothed. It is this journey, both sensory and experiential, that guides our research and product development team in their quest.”